Company Presentation, Redefined


Demonstrating expertise – with form, content and style

REACH develops an iPad application perfectly suited for company presentations at sales calls and trade shows. The presentation can be tailored for different target groups and presents the company in an interactive and intruiging way.

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Define content and functionalities

Content is King – this is why it is the starting point of all considerations. A detailed wireframe concept accurately defines the content, its structure and the way the information will be conveyed.

wireframe draft
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Design is more than the way something looks

Based on the brand’s visual identity, we developed a design and usability concept that taps the full potential of the tablet. Content, including content with educational value, is presented interactively for maximum user engagement.

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66'585 characters of code for the perfect user experience.

The web application allows for offline storage of the presentation on the device – ideal for trade shows and sales calls. Updates with new content or new language versions can be conveniently done at any time via remote service.


A few facts for techies

iPad optimized application in full screen mode for trade show and sales calls presentation. The Web Application is implemented in jQuery Mobile Framework and uses the HTML5 Local Storage specification, allowing for the offline storage of the entire presentation.

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