The SsangYong
online campaign

How do a Swiss and a Corean
get together?

When SsangYong introduced the new Korando on the Swiss market, they asked us to create a launch campaign. The objective: To increase brand awareness for SsangYong and put the new Korando at the center of the attention. Despite low brand recognition, we had to attract consumers’ attention with an eye-catching and original campaign. They sparked our interest...

How to reach our target audience?
– with the heart


„You and your car – time for new beginning?“ was the theme that positioned the new Korando as the new love and won our audience hearts. Just as it is normal to take things slowly in every new relationship, the new Korando too was viewed with critical eyes on Swiss roads. Once people got to know its talents, it was love at first sight. This became the creative theme which we carried through all media.

How does a car take the first step?
– the same way as humans do:
they flirt!

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With quirky online teaser campaign on major news plattforms, we got the ball rolling. We leveraged the story on social media channels and didn’t focus on the car itself but rather on people’s need for a new car.

What do you do
once you’ve got people’s attention?
– you listen carefully.


The microsite of the campagin was love at first click for many users: With the incentive to win the new Korando, they loved to tell us their stories, why their car-love wouldn’t do it anymore and why they were ready for a new beginning.

To participate, users uploaded their stories and images via microsite or via mobile user interface on their smartphones. In other words, just what you’d expect from your new love: attractive and easy going.

How do you pick the winner?
– the most attractive wins.

The one who’s got something to offer, gets to choose. This is how the new Korando – or better the jury on his behalf – had to pick from four finalists. A young man with a moving story convinced the jury. He told his moving story how he was abandonded by Renault Twingo on his trip across Switzerland.

And what did everyone else say?
30’262 times thumbs up!

To make the campaign go viral, participants were asked invite their friends to vote and win a weekend for two in a beautiful mountain resort. Attractive enough to make over 30'000 thumbs glow!

Ssangyong and Reach —
a successful relationship?
– convince yourself


The response from every corner of Switzerland was overwhelming.



Old and young, from the countryside and the cities, everyone wanted turn the attractive SsangYong into their new road-love.

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This is how much time users spent on the campaign microsite.

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The new Korando left its mark.

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