The Pistor image campaign,
or how the world was created in 7 days.

Our appetite for new ideas for our clients is insatiable. That’s why we were excited when Pistor, a Swiss based food and ingredient wholesaler and one of our longstanding clients, approached us with a new challenge: to position the brand not only as a supplier to bakeries as they are already known – but as a leading supplier of food products and ingredients to the hospitality industry. The message: Pistor supplys a comprehensive range of high quality food products, produce and ingredients with a highly efficient supply chain and top service quality.



With a tasty idea we not only translated a clear message into strong images but also created a distinctive and impactful visual presence for the brand. Beautifully arranged images in which the signature red Pistor truck pleasurably curls through the land of plenty. The obvious message: We supply everything, from crunchy chocolate croissants to premium-quality meat products all the way to fresh mushrooms — everything that’s fresh and tasty.


Time Lapse

A long time ago, the world was created in seven days. We’ve done it in seven hours and for you, we’ve summed it up in just a few seconds. Nevertheless, very enjoyable!

Fresh meat in the spotlight?

It fades very quickly. For the perfect scene with meat products, everything must run smoothly.

«How do you communicate frehsness on a sober billboard? With impressive ideas, perfectionism and great attention to detail, REACH accomplished to present the Pistor products in their best light. Thank you to REACH and the production team for their outstanding work.»

Viviana Schüpfer

Head Marketing Services, Pistor AG

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Culinary do-gooders

The enormous variety and customer focus are also reflected in the campaign’s headlines. Pistor invites gastronomers to a culinary journey that’s simply out of this world. Seducing, short and sweet.

Magazine ads

Four catchy and memorable creatives are used in all relevant special interest titles. The visuals are also used at trade shows and in various other communication tools.
Creative Direction Dominik Gasser
Art Direction Stefan Zinkl
Copy writing Lena Maria Nasdal
Photography Simon Bolzern, Kim Sokola
Image editing Kim Sokola
Food styling Thierry Fuchs

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