Successful employer branding positions your brand as an attractive employer — good employee branding will naturally follow.

Managing an employer brand well, results in employees speaking positively about their employer to their friends and families or writing positive reviews on job platforms. They become ambassadors of the employer brand.

Benefits for employers
and employees

Employer branding helps to make good matches: if it is clear to both sides where the journey is headed, this contributes to more suitable and long-term working relationships

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Employer branding

strengthens the image as an employer

creates an authentic corporate personality and makes employer values comprehensible

increases employees' sense of belonging and loyalty

increases potential for small companies to make a name for themselves

increases interest in job applications

clarifies job descriptions and hiring criteria

enables clearer communication during job interviews

makes it easier for both sides to decide whether the candidate and the company are a good match

creates a decision-making basis for coordinated measures - both internally and externally

Proven process

As with brand development, the process of employer branding begins with the definition of the (employer) brand



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Through surveys, testings and feedback, we get to the core of the company as an employer.

Strategy / Employee Value Proposition

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The strategy results in a clear value proposition for employees.

Creative concept

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Strategy takes shape and becomes visible.

Action plan & priorities

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Specific measures and action plan are derived from the research.


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Now it's roll-out,
communication and optimization.

Clearly defined target groups

Employer branding focuses on clear target groups: potential and existing employees. This simplifies processes and communication.

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Marketing or HR?

Who does what?

The answer is not either-or, but both-as well. Or to put it another way: Ping Pong. The basis for employer branding is a strategic task that arises jointly from HR and the marketing department. The communicative development takes place as part of the branding. Every HR activity is aligned with the employer branding strategy. In the long term, it must be ensured that corporate culture and strategy remain a ping pong game.

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