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Founded as a spin-off of Helvetia Insurance, Atlanto is a digital platform for SMEs and start-ups that offers everything from the creation of business plans to customer administration all the way to payroll accounting and bookkeeping. Complicated stuff that Reach branded in a clear, simple way from the ground up.

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Brand design
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Bookkeeping is not for everyone. As a result, it can be difficult to get people excited about it. In Atlanto’s case, the values of being friendly, uncomplicated and future-oriented served as the basis and a springboard for the development of its brand and online presence: “This is Atlanto: The online platform that simplifies your daily administration.”

Logo composed of word and brand mark
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Colours and iconography

Expressive colours,
subtle hues.

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Tomato Grotesk is a modern font family with simple geometric shapes and accentuated contrasts that give it – and the Atlanto brand – a strong personality. It is extremely versatile and can be used for both print and online media.


Working with the right bookkeeping software frees up time for you to focus on what matters. Plus, it’s way less stressful. Atlanto’s visual language therefore features users enjoying a positive work-tool balance.


Various digital touchpoints

Atlanto is here to help. On its website, which was designed by Reach, potential clients can find all of the relevant information right on the homepage. Users can get help from the separate support area, and Atlanto also has a native app for time recording, absence management, and scanning invoices and receipts.

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