A ground breaking system

Invisia offers ground-breaking energy systems for buildings, neighborhoods and districts. Reach Partners develops a progressive web app (PWA) to conveniently monitor and control their comprehensive energy management systems, including the charging systems for electric vehicles.

User Experience
User Interface
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invisia webapp

Getting customers excited

The combination of a visionary idea, the right strategy, excellent design and clear code makes for an outstanding product. It provides added value and an exciting user experience to Invisia's customers.

How it works

Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) serve as interfaces to all physical devices such as solar systems, charging stations, boilers, washing machines and others. The PLCs supply data and take over all control tasks, even if the VPN connection (Virtual Private Network) to the data storage is interrupted. Depending on their access rights, users can monitor their system at any time via webapp and issue commands such as changing the charging mode of the charging stations, the boiler, etc.

Invisia Webapp — How it works

Think big, start small

The app has a modular and flexible structure, enabling the introduction of new features to quickly meet customer demands. This is why we are developing and implementing an application that can adapt and grow without losing its ease-of-use.

Strategy & Wireframes Wireframes

Efficient workflow

To ensure a consistent user interface and to facilitate an efficient workflow between designers and coders, we have established a comprehensive design system.









Invisia web app typography
Invisia web app typography
Invisia web app typography

Forms & Buttons
Invisia web app style guide
Invisia web app style guide forms
Invisia web app style guide buttons


Keep it simple — even as it gets more complex

How do you make an increasingly complex and growing application easy to use? One key element is a well-structured system of a coherent and comprehensible iconography.






  • Invisia Web App Design
  • Invisia Web App Design
  • Invisia Web App Design
  • Invisia Web App Design


The journey doesn’t stop here.

Even though the vision was clear from the beginning and many functionalities were recorded early in the backlog, the app is being developed step by step. What was once a small app has grown to become a complex system with countless features – without losing sight of its simplicity and intuitive usability.

Strategy and information architecture

Some technical facts

In the development, great importance is being attached to accessibility, performance and security. The app scores A+ in security tests (highest level). HTML5, semantic markups and SVG graphics also support the pleasant user experience.

Lines of code —
HTML5, CSS, PHP, JavaScript

Modular files, built in
a MVC framework

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most complex page

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