Capturing the Olympic spirit

As a worldwide partner of the International Olympic Committee, Panasonic asked us to develop a campaign that would capture the spirit of the Olympic Winter Games and capitalise on the positive atmosphere in a country in love with winter sports.

Online Campaign
Social Media
Consumer Promotion

Panasonic Olympic Campaign

How it works

A captivating campaign drives online traffic to its centrepiece, the landing page. Attractive prices entice consumers to take part in a guessing game, where gamification mechanics make sure, users engage with the brand.

Campaign mechanics
Campaign mechanics
360° marketing strategy

Striking visuals

  • Photoshoot at EV Zug | Raphael Diaz
  • Photoshoot Swiss Ice Hockey
  • Frederic Praplan
  • Leonardo Genoni

Centre of attention

All activities are designed to generate traffic to the landing page. Gamification mechanics enhance the consumer experience, engaging users throughout the duration of the campaign.

Panasonic Olympic Campaign Microsite

Panasonic Olympic Campaign responsive web design

Attracting attention

Animated and impactful banners on major news platforms deliver a strong brand message and drive traffic to the landing page.


Standing out at the POS

  • POS material
  • Graphic design
  • Flags
  • shop window lettering

Delivering results

After the presentation of the campaign, some of the largest online retailers came on board
Lead generation
New contacts generated and engaged with the brand throughout the campaign
Increases in sales
The campaign lead to a substantial increase in sales of the promoted products

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