Making the brand ready for the digital age

Sanagate is an online health insurance company for the health and cost conscious customer. When their website was outdated, they asked us to design a new one. Well, we did – but first we had to work on the basics of the brand.

Brand design
Brand guidelines
Print design
Information architecture
Web design

Sanagate Rebranding

Digging deeper

With qualitative interviews at all levels, we got to the bottom of the brand's DNA. This provided a solid basis for further developing the brand and making it fit for the digital age.

Insights & analytics

Ideation & creative

After an on-site analysis, it was necessary to translate the brand identity into a differentiating visual language with its own imagery. With the focus on digital tools, the aim was to find "the face of the interface".

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A colour palette
that wwworks

Creative direction –

Primary colours
Secondary colours


Primary font

Dax is Sanagate’s corporate typeface. In order to achieve high brand recognition, we have continued to use this sans serif font.


Secondary font

Merriweather is a serif typeface that contrasts with the primary font. It underlines the brand’s human and warm aspect and, thanks to its pronounced serifs, looks elegant and classic.


An set of icons covering all applications

Sanagate Icons


Bold imagery that speak a clear language

It is the imagery that makes the Sanagate brand unique and thus an essential element of its visual identity. It is the basis for clear, consistent and visually appealing communication across all touchpoints. Three different image levels cover the specific needs of all communication channels. Above all, the first image level with its strong brand elements, supplemented by near-life images of the target groups for the product level. Finally, there are different, but coherent and attention-grabbing images on the tactical level.

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    Brand communication
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    Product communication
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    Tactical communication

Better results thanks to a solid base

With carefully and purposefully created brand elements, the design of all necessary touchpoints becomes a very natural and harmonious process.

Creative execution
Level 1 Images –
An unmistakable and strong association with the brand. The color gradient of the primary Sanagate colors blue and green serves as a stage for studio portraits of employees and the target group. They build the visual framework for product communication.
Level 2 Images –
Second level images complement Level 1 images, showing the target audience in real situations out of their daily life. Therefor authenticity and relevance are given.

When online is strategic

As an online health insurance company, the digital experience and the usability of their website is of strategic importance. Along the entire customer journey, we developed and implemented a corporate website that delivers on both, performance and a compelling brand experience.

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– 90%

Some interesting facts and figures

tools we worked with,
such as Confluence, Invision,
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beats a weekly jour fixe

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designed across all devices

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