Making a brand relevant again

Silent Gliss is the leading global supplier of premium interior window treatment systems. Reach Partners has comprehensively redesigned the Silent Gliss brand and all its touchpoints to make it relevant again — for today and tomorrow.

Brand positioning
Brand story
Brand design
Marketing collateral
Information architecture
UI/UX design
Frontend coding
Content creation

Silent Gliss Rebranding

Position the brand
based on its DNA

Based on Silent Gliss' historical roots and unique USP we have developed the new brand positioning. It is forward looking and differentiates the company from their competitors.

Key Concepts






A new brand claim based on a unique story

  • Alexander Weber and his family
    Brand Story
    When Alexander Weber kept waking up too early due to the grating sound of his neighbor’s curtain tracks, he set out to found Silent Gliss.
  • Silent Gliss window treatment
    Brand Claim
    The Architects
    of Silence.

A logo for today’s world

The sneaking cat, a perfectly fitting symbol for a smoothly running curtain track and part of Silent Gliss’ history, redesigned for today’s applications.

Silent Gliss Logo

When details make the difference

Silent Gliss logo before
Silent Gliss logo after

A colour palette based on brand values

color palette

Primary colours
Secondary colours


Primary font

  • Typography 01
  • Typography 02
  • Typography 03
  • Typography 04
  • Typography 05
  • Typography 06
  • Typography 07
  • Typography 08
  • Typography 09
  • Typography 10
  • Typography 11
  • Typography 12

Secondary font

  • Secondary font 01
  • Secondary font 02
  • Secondary font 03
  • Secondary font 04
  • Secondary font 05
  • Secondary font 06
  • Secondary font 07
  • Secondary font 08

An extensive set of icons for a wide range of applications

  • Editorial design
  • Brochures
  • Book design
  • Marketing collateral
  • Internal communications
  • Folder
  • Image brochures
  • Magazine
  • Print design
  • Graphic design
  • Templates

A consistent structure covers the needs of international markets



During the rebranding process we always had its digital implementation in mind – and it paid off. Despite the complex information architecture (IA) as well as its innovative design and UI, the website is intuitive and user-friendly. On all devices.


Responsive web design
Screen design
Web design
User interface
User experience

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