Two brands,
one family

Switzerland-based Sistag is a family-owned industrial group with an international presence. After redefining the companyʼs brand architecture, Reach developed a new visual identity for the company with a state of the art execution.

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Sistag & Wey

With two brands, and the differing historical developments in their two separate markets, defining an easily understandable brand architecture was far from straightforward. However, this laid the foundations for the development of the new presence: while ‘Sistag’ is positioning itself as a corporate brand and a progressive employer, the product brand ‘Wey’ is a byword for high-quality valves for customers around the world.

2 Brands


As independent as possible, as connected as necessary

wey colors
Wey Brand Colours

sistag colors
Sistag Brand Colours


Both brands use the same typeface, created by Lucerne-based font designers Grilli Type. GT Walsheim is composed of straight lines and exudes a sense of precision, but has also soft and humanistic strokes, making it perfect for both Sistag and Wey.


While Sistag’s imagery is dominated by warm tones with a focus on people, Wey impresses with a precise and technical product presentation.


  • Sistag Brochure
  • Sistag Brochure
  • Wey Brochure
  • Wey Brochure


Maker of the Original Wey Valve

There’s no doubt that one of Sistag’s USPs is its ‘Original Wey Design’. This was patented back in 1956 and has been subject to ongoing development ever since. Visitors can now experience this masterpiece of Swiss engineering digitally, thanks to an extensive scroll animation on

Sistag’s and Wey’s websites are designed to meet the brands’ requirements, both on a national and an international level, and offer a seamless user journey.

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