It's a fine line

How can we develop a brand presence for a renowned law firm without making it either too conventional or too unusual? Treading this fine line posed a real challenge. Progressive, unique, professional: these three characteristics come together in Wenger Vieli’s new visual identity — unveiled just in time for its 50th anniversary.

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Wenger Vieli

The company’s previous visual identity was outdated and no longer aligned with the requirements for digital communication, which sparked the decision to undertake a comprehensive rebrand.


The new visual identity is progressive, ensuring the law firm stands out in its market environment, while also expressing the serious, professional nature of its business. Alongside the new logo, vibrant colour scheme and a typeface that represents a bold choice for the sector, high-quality portraits of the firm's employees set the new brand presence apart: varied yet authentic snapshots emphasise the firm’s personal flair.

Website redesign

Similarly, the new website was planned, designed and coded with a real focus on detail, perfectly balancing information and emotion, calm and dynamism. invites users to pause for a moment and discover new things, while also ensuring they can find the content they need quickly and easily.

Happy birthday

The firm’s new presence is also bolstered by a 100-page publication entitled 50 Jahre, 50 Fragen (‘50 Years, 50 Questions’), offering exclusive insights, amusing anecdotes and specialist articles. It’s an enjoyable read for anyone!


Templates for efficiency and consistency

Whether it’s specialist journals, job ads, presentations or social media posts, templates and pro-forma documents help Wenger Vieli handle its day-to-day communications, ensuring that its brand presence remains consistent in the long term.



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